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The History Box Training Hub represents a resources space where trainer and adult educators can access relevant materials on history learning for inclusion.

The HB Training Hub provides short online training to adult educators and trainers who want to learn more about history teaching in the context of inclusion courses.

Interactive Training


Here you can find offers basic information about history as well as didactic and methodological introduction of history teaching. This interactive training should answer also the question about the importance of history education and how trainers can practically integrate it into existing training courses.

This will help trainers and adult educators and subsequently participants of inclusion and language courses to have a better understanding about the importance of history in today’s society while using the History Box and to show and underline the aspect of interculturality that in many inclusion courses has not been considered.

Learning units


Through the implementation of local e-design workshops with local experts/historians the project partners produced micro learning units that are  in line with current history education approaches and that they are fact-based and useful for a deeper understanding of the role of historical events and episodes in today’s society.

Each unit is divided into 10 micro-learning units tailored to local, regional and national historical events and contexts.

You can click on each micro- unit according to your needs, curiosity and desire to discover and investigate a historical fact.

Each unit has been translated into German, French, Italian, Spanish and Swedish language.